San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

MSCP vernal pool inventory City of San Diego (USFWS) Conservation genetics of the endangered fairy shrimp species Branchinecta sandiegonensis

Type: report

Article abstract: A genetic study based on mtDNA sequencing of B. sandiegonensis from across its range found two evolutionary significant units "ESUs" that should be strongly considered for unique conservation status. Pool complexes that are in undisturbed areas are often genetically unique.

Number of pages: 10

Authors: Bohonak, Andrew;

Day: 12

Month: August

Year: 2005

Prepared for: City of San Diego;

Prepared by: San Diego State University, Department of Biology;

Keywords: conservation genetics; endangered; fairy shrimp; genetic testing; MSCP; mtDNA sequences; San Diego fairy shrimp;

Species: San Diego fairy shrimp