An Adaptive Management Approach to Recovering Burrowing Owl Populations and Restoring a Grassland Ecosystem in San Diego County: A Proposal for Funding to the San Diego Foundation

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Article abstract: Our primary objective is to help establish a model conservation program-with sufficient documentation and validation-on how to manage local grassland habitat for burrowing owls, and other species integral to this ecosystem. The result will be a set of protocols and strategies that can be adopted by managers and researchers in San Diego and in other areas where burrowing owl conservation management is warranted. Our second objective is to assist in the establishment of a more natural grassland ecosystem in San Diego County by re-establishing ground squirrels and, ultimately, burrowing owls. The proposed work is for the first year of a long-term program.

Number of pages: 18

Authors: Swaisgood, Ronald R.; Shier, Debra M.; Nordstrom, Lisa A.; Endress, Bryan; San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research; Lieberman, Alan;

Day: 3

Month: December

Year: 2010

Prepared for: The San Diego Foundation;

Prepared by: San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research;

Keywords: adaptive management; burrowing owl; grasslands; ground squirrel; San Diego County;

Species: California ground squirrel; Western burrowing owl