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Monitoring Practices for Vegetation: Pilot Studies to Power Analysis Presentation

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File description: Overview of the assessment of the vegetation mapping in 2012

File owner: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program

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Type: powerpoint presentation

Article abstract: Task 3 for “Evaluation and Refinement of Vegetation Monitoring Methods for The San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP)” has been completed. The results of our 5 year data analysis were presented to a general audience on Monday, December 12, 2011, in a talk entitled Monitoring Practices for Vegetation: Pilot Studies to Power Analysis”. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation is attached to this document. During this talk we detailed the last 5 years of work, which began in 2007 with a Local Assistance Grant from the California Department of Fish and Game, and continued from 2008 forward with SANDAG funding. We covered the process of setting monitoring goals and objectives; and described the pilot study, data visualization, variance decomposition, and power analysis as a case study for establishing a monitoring project in the San Diego MSCP. The presentation also contained specific recommendations about sample sizes and techniques when monitoring coastal sage scrub (CSS) and chaparral community types. The data collected over the course of this project is contained on the CD that accompanies this document. In addition, Dr. Douglas Stow from the SDSU Geography Department and Ms. Caitlin Lippitt presented an introduction on Multiple End-member Spectral Mixture Analysis (MESMA) and a preliminary report on using MESMA for wall-to-wall monitoring applications in the MSCP (presentation also attached). This presentation largely deals with using novel remote-sensing techniques to provide full spatial coverage of the MSCP vegetation communities.

Number of pages: 60

Authors: Strahm, Spring; Deutschman, Douglas;

Day: 30

Month: January

Year: 2012

Publisher: San Diego State University

Prepared by: San Diego State University, Department of Biology;

Keywords: regional survey; remote sensing; vegetation monitoring;

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub; chaparral