Using California Gnatcatcher to Test Underlying Models in Habitat Conservation Plans

Type: journal article

Article abstract: Habitat Conservation Plans are a widely used strategy to balance development and preservation of species of concern and have been used in southern California, USA, to protect the coastal California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica). Few data exist on gnatcatcher abundance and distribution, and existing data have problems with issues of closure (i.e., sampling occurs in a short enough time period such that abundance or distribution are not changing), detectability, and proper attention to probability-based sampling schemes. Thus, a habitat model has been relied upon in reserve design. California gnatcatchers are the flagship and umbrella species of many plans and we provide the first estimates that incorporate probabilistic sampling and test predictions from the habitat model.

Authors: Doherty, Paul; Winchell, Clark;

Journal title: The Journal of Wildlife Management

Day: 13

Month: December

Year: 2010

Volume: 72

Number: 6

Publisher: The Journal of Wildlife Management

Keywords: California gnatcatcher; gnatcatcher; Habitat Conservation Plans; occupancy;

Species: Coastal California gnatcatcher


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