Tijuana River Valley Invasive Plant Control Program Phase 4: Final Report

Type: report

Article abstract: Funding from the TransNet Environmental Mitigation Program FY 2009 allowed for continued expansion of the program and was called Phase 4. The project was undertaken to enhance and restore prime riparian and mule fat habitats within the Tijuana River Valley through the treatment of invasive, non-native plants and the planting of native species. The project was on public lands, mostly within the County of San Diego's Tijuana River Valley Regional Park. The overall goals of the project were to improve these valuable sites for visitors, to control the spread of invasive plants, and to restore native habitats.

Authors: Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association;

Day: 30

Month: April

Year: 2010

Publisher: Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association

Notes: TransNet Grant #5001139

Prepared for: SANDAG; San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association;

Keywords: Invasive; invasive plant removal; Invasive Plant Treatment; invasive plants;

Threats: Invasive plants


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