San Diego Management & Monitoring Program





2020 Final Report: Escondido Creek (Elfin Forest) Invasive Plant Control report

This project funded the removal of exotic, invasive species that threatened occurrences of the rare plants Encinitas baccharis (Baccharis vanessae) and Orcutt's brodiaea (Brodiaea orcutti) within the Keithley (formerly Los Cielos ) Preserve.

2022 Rarest Plants II Project Final Report report

The purpose of the EMP grant is to improve the conservation status of three high-priority MSP plants: Orcutt's spineflower (SL); short-leaved dudleya (SL), and Orcutt's brodiaea (SO). The goals of the EMP grant are to significantly increase available seed and to restore, supplement, and protectively manage populations of three high-priority MSP SL and SO plant species, and to monitor results. Objectives under the EMP grant include: Seed bulking for all three species; control of invasive weeds for all three species; establishment of one new Orcutt's spineflower occurrence; supplementation of population numbers and stewardship management to maintain approximately sixteen existing occurrences of Orcutt's spineflower and one existing occurrence each of short-leaved dudleya and Orcutt's brodiaea; and renewing permits for Project work.

2005 City of San Diego Rare Plant Monitoring Report, 2005: Brodiaea orcuttii report

The MSCP Biological Monitoring Plan (1996) identifies Carmel Mountain and Del Mar Mesa as City of San Diego Brodiaea orcuttii monitoring locations. The General Dynamics, Carroll Canyon, and Nobel Drive populations have also been monitored since 2001 when they were identified via City-wide rare plant surveys.

2022 Otay Mesa Rare Plants Final Report report

The Chaparral Lands Conservancy (TCLC) submits the final report for the Otay Mesa Rare Plants Project EMP grant. Project activities included work under EMP grant Task 1a seed bulking for MSP plant species, Task 1b restoration of vernal pools & maritime succulent scrub & establishment of MSP plant occurrences, Task 1c project monitoring and reporting, Task 1d project management, Task 1e project management travel, and Task 2 grant reporting and project administration.

2003 Summary of Monitoring Results for Brodiaea orcuttii report

Summary of Monitoring Results for Brodiaea orcuttii.