Job Opportunity - Biological Science Technician (USDA, Guam)

The duties may include, but are not limited to: • Responsible for organizing and conducting direct control operations to reduce wildlife damage within a geographical area or technical/subject area of program involvement.

• Inspects and surveys areas and, as necessary, will revise existing WDM programs in close consultation with higher-level management.

• Uses WDM tools/devices which may include some or all of the following depending on need in assigned area: firearms; foothold, body-grip, cage traps; foot snares; neck snares; chemical control methods; pyrotechnics; noise cannons/exploders; drop nets; rocket/cannon nets; various other scaring devices.

• Maintains inventories and compiles reports of government-provided equipment and supplies including locations, acquisitions, returns, losses, and reason, therefore.

• Enters data into established WDM database/system of record. Uses data to prepare and submit routine reports regarding daily, weekly or monthly activities, observations, and events.

• Occasionally provides input into the preparation of routine reports to assist program managers in meeting NEPA or other requirements. Complies with restrictions and mitigation measures established through consultation with relevant Federal and State agencies.

• Obtains and maintains pesticide applicator licenses, permits, or other similar authorizations as necessary.

• May assist WS research efforts by participating in field tests of proposed damage control materials, devices or methods or providing biological or other specimens.

Please see attached job announcement for more information.

Event Dates

Starts: July 15, 2021 0:00am

Ends: July 23, 2021 0:00am