San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Connectivity Strategic Plan Science Session July 1, 2014

July 01, 2014 0:00am


A strategic plan for connectivity (CSP) of preserve lands in western San Diego County was developed for the San Diego Association of Government's Environmental Mitigation Program Working Group (EMPWG) in 2010. It was prepared by the SDMMP utilizing the input from a science workshop that many of you participated in. Many of the high priority items in the CSP have been completed and the data collected over the past several years is being utilized to inform management decisions. It's time to update and refocus our connectivity strategies and priorities for implementation. We would like to invite you to a meeting to gather your input for the updated plan.

We will be following a similar format to the workshop that was held in 2010. It will be a one-day, all day meeting, with a review of completed and in process projects, followed by breakout groups, and then coming back together for a integration of ideas and and recap session. The meeting will focus on:

  • Identifying questions and objectives to be considered for monitoring and managing connectivity for species, and

  • Identifying available methodologies for addressing the questions and objectives

The breakout groups are: (1) Large Animals and Landscape Connectivity; (2) Small Animals; and (3) Pollinators&Plants. With input from the meeting, the SDMMP will draft the 2014 edition of the CSP and provide it to participants for review and comment. After incorporating needed revisions, the SDMMP will present it to the EMPWG and interested stakeholders for their input.

Meeting Materials

Agenda [1.5MB]

Project Summaries

  • All Connectivity Project Summaries Doc [838KB]
  • Summary Spreadsheet [138KB]

SDMMP Introduction [0.5MB] Mountain Lion Movement Study- Winston Vickers [12MB] Bobcat Movement Study- Megan Jennings American Badger Study- Cheryl Brehme [1MB] Underpass