West Otay Mesa Stinknet Removal

The primary goal is to control stinknet (Oncosiphon pilliferum) starting in and around the priority Otay Mesa vernal pool complexes and surrounding maritime succulent scrub/coastal sage scrub (MSS/CSS) habitats to protect the sensitive vernal pool ecosystems and create a buffer from invasive weed species. As funding allows, further control efforts will include other common invasive weed species and expand treatment to other parts of Otay Mesa as needed. The main objectives to reach these goals are 1) locate existing mapped populations and map new populations of stinknet, 2) perform extensive weed control of stinknet within identified sites using pre-emergent, post emergent herbicide and manual control methods and 3) install MSS/CSS habitat plants in the upland disturbed areas to enhance the habitats and create weed buffers. Contracted crews will be hired to perform ongoing weed control, herbicide application and to install container plants/cuttings in the habitat enhancement sites. Contracted crews will also be used to install erosion control materials and perform access road repairs as needed to safely access the site. Container plants, plant protectors, and erosion control materials will be purchased directly by City staff or supplied by contractors. City staff will perform project management and reporting. This project was fully funded by SANDAG TransNet EMP Land Management Grant #S1125466

Habitat restoration
Threats and Stressors
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