Wildlife Movement

Wildlife Monitoring in the Volcan Mountains

January 2, 2015
Due to increasing land fragmentation and shrinking wildlife corridors throughout San Diego County and beyond, the Volcan Mountain Foundation (VMF) initiated a wildlife monitoring program in 2015 using several motion-detecting cameras at VMF's Volcan Mountain Nature Center. The Volcan Mountain Foundation also receives data images from other locations on the mountain range. The purpose of the program is to monitor the presence and patterns of wildlife. The Wildlife Imaging Team (WIT) is made-up of dedicated volunteers who maintain the cameras, review all of the images, and enter the data. The Volcan Mountain Foundation wishes to thank Bill and Susan Carter who founded WIT and the volunteers who spend countless hours making this program possible. Click the following link to see our data analysis: https://vmfimages.shinyapps.io/Volcan2018/
Project Focus
Project type: Monitoring-Animals
Data steward: Susan Meyer
Investigator: Susan Meyer
Main implementing entity: Volcan Mountain Foundation
Partner: San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy
Point of contact: Susan Meyer
Project Page manager: Susan Meyer
SDMMP lead: Sarah McCutcheon
Study lead: Susan Meyer
Project Protocol
File name Lead Author Year Type
WIT Presentation to SDMMP Carter, Bill; Carter, Susan; Eppert, Amy 2019 powerpoint presentation