Rare Plants in progress

2021-2026 Rare Plant Regional Discovery Surveys

Starting in 2021, surveys were conducted on suitable habitat on Conserved Lands to document whether historic plant occurrences were extant and to discover new occurrences for rare plant species. The purpose of these surveys is to refine and update the distribution of these plants in the Management and Monitoring Strategic Plan Area. Voucher specimens and photographs are taken for each occurrence. Some species are already part of the Rare Plant Inspect and Manage Program and any new occurrences for these species will be included in future monitoring. In the next update of the Management and Monitoring Strategic Plan (2027), species not formerly monitored will be evaluated and potentially added to the Rare Plant Inspect and Manage Program. Botanists surveyed for four rare plant species in 2021: San Diego coastalcreeper (Aphanisma blitoides), Blochman’s dudleya (Dudleya blochmaniae), coast wallflower (Erysimum ammophilum), and Orcutt’s bird’s-beak (Dicranostegia orcuttiana). In 2022, botanists surveyed for: San Diego coastalcreeper (Aphanisma blitoides), Baja California oat grass (Sphenopholis interrupta ssp californica), San Diego ambrosia (Abrosia pumila), Wiggins’ cryptantha (Crytantha wigginsii). In 2023, botanists will survey for five rare plant species: Deane’s milkvetch (Astragalus deanei), Parish brittlescale (Atriplex parishii), Mexican flannelbush (Fremontodendron mexicanum), Jennifer’s monardella (Monardella stoneana ), and small-leaved rose (Rosa minutifolia).
Project Focus

Aphanisma, Baja California oat grass, Blochman's dudleya, Coast wallflower, Deane's milkvetch, Jennifer's monardella, Mexican flannelbush, Orcutt's birds-beak, Parish brittlescale, San Diego ambrosia, Small-leaved rose, Wiggins' cryptantha

Emily Perkins

San Diego Association of Governments

San Diego Management and Monitoring Program

AECOM; Conservation Biology Institute; San Diego Natural History Museum

Kris Preston

Sarah McCutcheon

Kris Preston

Kris Preston

Project Protocol
Rare Plant IMG Field Method Instructions 2023

Detailed field instructions for the 2023 survey season.

wandering surveys; transects
463.03KB MSP 2023 Rare Plant IMG Field Form Instructions 11072022 Final 11-7-2022.pdf
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2022 SDMMP Rare Plant Discovery Surveys, Inspect and Manage Monitoring, and Valley Fire Surveys Vinje, Jessie 2022 powerpoint presentation
Recording - November 2022 MSP Land Managers Meeting Vinje, Jessie; Rodes, Rusty; Lombardo, Dario; Copenhaver, Paige 2022 recording