Otay Tarplant and San Diego Thornmint Restoration and Enhancement Program in the Chula Vista Central City Preserve

A three-year, TransNet-funded project (#5001590) to restore and enhance Otay tarplant (Deinandra conjugens) and San Diego thornmint (Acanthomintha ilicifolia) in the Chula Vista Central City Preserve. Project goals were to: 1) Restore native grassland and clay lens habit habitat for Otay tarplant, San Diego thornmint, and other MSCP-covered species, including variegated dudleya (Dudleya variegata) and small-flowered morning glory (Convolvulus simulans) in areas currently dominated by weeds; 2) Increase the size of Otay tarplant and San Diego thornmint populations; 3) Reduce competition with non-native weeds that are invading the native grassland habitat and degrading the rare plant habitat by controlling annual non-native grasses and perennial weed species such as fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and artichoke thistle (Cynara cardunculus); and 4) Increase native grassland habitat by planting purple needlegrass (Stipa [=Nassella] pulchra) in areas currently dominated by non-native grasses and other weeds.

Habitat restoration
Rare Plants
June 1, 2011
August 31, 2014
Project Focus

City of Chula Vista

RECON Environmental, Inc.

Cheryl Goddard

Sarah McCutcheon

Mark Dodero