Cactus Wren Monitoring in southern San Diego County

This is a planned 5-year study with two main goals: 1) Assess the population status of the coastal cactus wren following the 2014 drought and 2) monitor the implementation of the MSP 2015 Habitat Conservation and management Plan's highest priority management actions. In the first year, the population status of cactus wren in MUs 3 and 4 was assessed to determine the relationship between habitat quality, food availability, and cactus wren productivity and survival. In 2017, the focus is on monitoring cactus wren reproduction and survival and conducting vegetation sampling. Specific management recommendations will be developed to respond to short-term emergency needs and to enhance habitat for long-term cactus wren persistence. Continued monitoring will be done annually.

Vertebrate Species
in progress
Project Groups
  • SDMMP6 Coastal Cactus Wren Monitoring in MUs 3 and 4

Project Focus

Coastal cactus wren

coastal sage scrub

Barbara Kus

U.S. Geological Survey

Barbara Kus

Annabelle Bernabe

Kris Preston

Kris Preston

Project Protocol
Cactus Wren Survey Guide

A general procedure for surveying Cactus Wrens highlighting prioritizing survey activities in the field.

nest search; visual encounters; scat collection
164.96KB CACW Survey Protocol 2017.pdf
Strategic Elements
  • FY15-16 - 1.2
Project Location
San Diego
Central-central, South-central, South-west
3, 4
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