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Invertebrate Species
Two-Year Evaluation of Hermes Copper (Lycaena hermes)


Project description

This project was conducted to address the growing concerns about the status of Hermes copper and minimize the risk that Hermes copper will become extinct. The objectives were: (1) improve our basic understanding of population status and trend; (2) describe natural and anthropogenic threats to the species; (3) evaluate potential management options to ameliorate threats and/or to increase the size and range of viable populations. Year 1 included: GIS analysis, landscape genetics, vegetation survey, hermes copper field survey, and data analysis. Year 2 included: field surveys, landscape genetics, and data analysis and synthesis.

Project protocol

Name: Hermes Copper Adult Surveys and Landscape Genetics 2010-2011

Description: By overlaying these four sources of information we identified areas that were most likely to be inhabited by Hermes, and were able to prioritize them for reconnaissance searches (Map 2). This exercise yielded a total of 66 priority areas which we searched for redberry (See Appendix 1). These areas did not include locations which recently burned unless there was a question of fire perimeter, nor do they include open space in highly urbanized areas unless larger patches of open space with potential redberry or recent Hermes sightings were nearby. We used 145 AFLP markers to estimate fundamental population genetic parameters including (1) polymorphism, (2) expected heterozygosity, (3) FST values, and (4) private alleles to provide insight into the population structure of Hermes copper. We used these parameters to evaluate the magnitude of differentiation within and among these populations which indicates dispersal ability (gene flow). Integrating the genetic data with the natural histo

Project location

County: San Diego

General: Central-central, Central-west, South-central, South-west

MU: 10, 11, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

Project spatial boundary

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Project focus

Project type: Monitoring

Target species: Hermes copper

Target vegetation: coastal sage scrub

Implementing entities

Investigator: Douglas Deutschman

Main implementing entity: San Diego State University

Point of contact: Dan Marschalek

SDMMP lead: Kris Preston

Study lead: Dan Marschalek

Project funding agreements

Funding participants
Role Participants
funding source Environmental Mitigation Program

Strategic elements

Budget year: pre FY15-1 Work plan objectives number:

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