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Post-Fire Monitoring - Arroyo Toad Surveys

The arroyo toad surveys in southern San Diego County are part of an investigation of the impacts of fire on arroyo toads. In 2007, the Witch, Harris and Poomacha fires burned approximately 300,000 acres of wildlands in San Diego County. Many of the burned lands are currently conserved or are planned to be conserved under the San Diego County Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). Riparian areas across four major watersheds were extensively burned during these 2007 fires, many of these streams support arroyo toad populations. The USGS (coordinating with the San Diego Association of Governments, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, City of San Diego, and County of San Diego) is investigating how specific target species will respond to these massive fires and resultant changes in stream morphology, vegetation communities, and vegetation structure over a five-year time period. The goal of this study is to provide information that will allow future land management decisions to include considerations of the effects of large wildfires on the biological community structure and function, especially for those species covered by conservation plans such as the San Diego County MSCP.
Project Focus
Project type: Monitoring
Target species: Arroyo toad
Main implementing entity: U.S. Geological Survey
Partner: California Department of Fish and Wildlife; City of San Diego; County of San Diego; U.S. Forest Service
Point of contact: Robert N. Fisher
Principal investigator: Robert N. Fisher
SDMMP lead: Chris Brown
Study lead: Chris Brown
Strategic Elements
Budget year: pre FY15-1
Project Location
County: San Diego
General: Central-central, North-west
MU: 10, 4, 5, 9
Reports Available: Yes
File name Lead Author Year Type
1.03 Responses of arroyo toads to wildfires Brown, Chris 2013 recording
Post-Cedar Fire Arroyo Toad (Bufo californicus) Monitoring Surveys at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, 2004 Mendelsohn, Mark; Madden-Smith, Melanie; Fisher, Robert N. 2005 report
Post-Cedar Fire Arroyo Toad Monitoring Surveys at CRSP Fisher, Robert N.; Mendelsohn, Mark 2004 powerpoint presentation
Responses of Arroyo Toads to Wildfires Brown, Chris; Brehme, Cheryl; Hathaway, Stacie; Fisher, Robert N. powerpoint presentation