Summary of Monitoring Results for Actostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia

Type: report

Article abstract: Del Mar manzanita (Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia) is listed as endangered by the federal government. This rare plant species is typically found in coastal chaparral areas within southern San Diego County. It is a large, typically upright shrub that blooms between December and April and can be confused with other types of manzanita, such as eastwood manzanita (Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. glandulosa).

Number of pages: 6

Year: 2002

Purpose: Establish baseline data for long-term monitoring of Del Mar manzanita under the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP)

Prepared by: City of San Diego;

Keywords: City of San Diego; Del Mar manzanita; MSCP; Rare Plants; San Diego;

Species: Del Mar manzanita