MSCP California Gnatcatcher Monitoring Survey Report

Type: report

Article abstract: The City of San Diego (City) contracted with URS to conduct protocol presence/absence surveys for California gnatcatcher. Nine sites located throughout the City?s MSCP preserve were surveyed to determine presence of California gnatcatcher at each site in spring of 2001. The sites were located at Lake Hodges, San Pasqual Valley, Black Mountain, Los Penasquitos Canyon, Mission Trails Regional Park, Spooner?s Mesa, Otay Mesa/Spring Canyon, Lower Otay Reservoir, and Marron Valley. Gnatchaters were detected at all of the sites.

Number of pages: 31

Year: 2001

Purpose: URS findings from 2001 California Gnatchatcher presence/absence survey conducted for the City of San Diego under the MSCP.

Prepared for: City of San Diego;

Prepared by: URS;

Keywords: cattle grazing; City of San Diego; coastal sage scrub; CSS; gnatcatcher; MSCP; San Diego; surveys; URS;