Mission Bay Park Master Plan Update

Type: report

Article abstract: Mission Bay Park has for decades been one of San Diego's principal tourism and leisure destinations, providing seven square miles of water and land for recreation and attracting millions of visitors from across the nation and abroad. On a peak summer day well over 100,000 people will use the Park, engaging in a diverse range of activities from group picnicking, sailing, and visiting Sea World, to swimming, fishing, jogging and bicycling. As more people settle in the region, new recreation demands will be placed upon the Park responding to new interests, perceptions and values about how to engage the outdoor environment for relaxation and play. The fundamental goal of the Master Plan Update is to identify these new demands and chart a course for the continuing development of the Park which will sustain the diversity and quality ofrecreation and protect and enhance the Bay's environment for future generations to come.

Number of pages: 369

Year: 1994

Purpose: The master plan identifies new demands on Mission Bay Park and charts a course for the continued development.

Prepared for: City of San Diego;

Prepared by: Wilbur Smith Associates; Wallace Roberts & Todd; Noble Consultants; Butler Roach Group; Economics Research Associates; Antin, David;

Keywords: City of San Diego; Mission Bay Park development; parks; planning; public; recreation; San Diego; tourism;