Final Report - NCCP/MSCP Raptor Monitoring Project (January 1, 2001 - December 31, 2003)

Type: report

Article abstract: Monitoring of raptors is a critical component of the MSCP. This project, specifically, addresses monitoring the raptor species identified as target species for MSCP monitoring with one exception--the Burrowing Owl (BO; Athene cunicularia hypugaea). In addition to the Burrowing Owl, the MSCP Biological Monitoring Plan (Ogden, 1996) identified the following raptor species (hereafter referred to as the “target” species) to be monitored: Golden Eagle (GE; Aquila chrysaetos), Bald Eagle (BE; Haliaeetus leucocephalus), Peregrine Falcon (PF; Falco peregrinus), Northern Harrier (NH; Circus cyaneus), Ferruginous Hawk (FH; Buteo regalis), Swainson’s Hawk (SH; Buteo swainsoni), and Cooper’s Hawk (CH; Accipiter cooperii). Prior to the subject work, no comprehensive study had been conducted for any of these species, within the geographical limits of the MSCP. The original project objectives (taken from the contract's scope of work) are as follows: -Determine where breeding and wintering individuals (of the target species) are located within the study areas. -Wherever possible, document the breeding success of active pairs. -Characterize situations of both successful and less successful or unsuccessful habitat. -Identify, modify, or create, if necessary, survey raptor monitoring methods, based on scientific principles that would be appropriate to meet the objectives of the MSCP Monitoring Plan. -Identify management, including research, needs and enhancement opportunities.

Number of pages: 69

Month: March

Year: 2005

Purpose: Will serve to provide data analysis and interpretation, provide an initial baseline of information, identify resource management challenges and opportunities, and recommend needed research and management.

Prepared for: California Department of Fish and Wildlife;

Prepared by: Wildlife Research Institute, Inc.;

Keywords: animals; Aquila chrysaetos; bald eagles; birds; Circus cyaneus; County of San Diego; Falco peregrinus; ferruginous Hawk; Golden Eagle; Haliaeetus leucocephalus; MSCP; NCCP; northern harrier; peregrine Falcon; raptors; species and habitats; target species;