Calavera Hills and Robertson Ranch Habitat Conservation Area

Type: report

Article abstract: This work plan has been developed from the guidelines for goals and objectives set forth in the Calavera Hills Phase II Final Habitat Management Plan (HMP)(Planning Systems 2002), the Robertson Ranch East Village Open Space Land Management Plan (Planning Systems 2006) and the Robertson Ranch West Village Open Space Preserve Land Management Plan (Planning Systems 2007). These Habitat Management Plans have been reviewed by and agreed upon by the City of Carlsbad, United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). The Center for Natural Lands Management (Center) holds conservation easements (since June 2006 for Calavera Hills Phase II, and February 2007 for Robertson Ranch East Village, and December 2007 for Robertson Ranch West Village Parcel 23C Phase I) on the Calavera Hills and Robertson Ranch Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) and performs or oversees the tasks identified in the three Habitat Management Plans (collectively HMP's). The HCA is comprised of seven parcels, commonly referred to as Village H, R, U, W, and X, Robertson Ranch East Village, and Robertson Ranch West Village PA 23C Phase I, the first phase of a two phase parcel recordation process. The Center has merged the funding and reporting for these two areas as we provided the developer a financial discount for selecting the Center to manage both properties. In other words, the funding for the Robertson Ranch areas is less than what we would normally charge had we not already received funding for the Calavera Hills Phase II areas. This will also simplify future budgetary, reporting, and planning considerations. The purpose of this work plan is to identify the tasks and budget required to complete the management activities for the upcoming management year that will begin on October 1, 2010 and end on September 30, 2011. Unless otherwise stated, all tasks will be performed by Center's Preserve Managers Patrick McConnell and Jessica Vinje and Rangers Justin Trujillo, Zadok Othniel and Roberto Bejar. Summary of Tasks and Goals for the Management Year: - Maintain signs and existing fences - Install signage, smooth-wire fencing, and vegetation to limit pedestrian and vehicular access - Census and conduct habitat assessments of thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia), and San Diego thornmint (Acanthomintha ilicifolia) - Continue to set up and monitor coastal sage scrub (css) long-term monitoring plots - C

Number of pages: 23

Month: October

Year: 2010

Prepared for: U.S. Fish and Widlife Service, Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office; California Department of Fish and Game; City of Carlsbad;

Prepared by: Center for Natural Lands Management; McConnell, Patrick;

Keywords: biological surveys; coastal sage scrub; habitat maintenance; habitat restoration; sensitive plants;