Sweetwater Reservoir Vernal pool and Otay Tarplant Restoration Status Report-Performance Period (September 2007 to March 2009)

Type: report

Article abstract: This document summarizes maintenance and monitoring activities from September 2007 to March 2009 for the vernal pool and Otay tarplant (Deinandra conjugens) restoration project at the Sweetwater Reservoir. The mitigation project includes 2.70 acres of vernal pool complex (vernal pools and associated uplands) restoration and enhancement, and 4.36 acres of Otay tarplant restoration and enhancement. Approximately 8,201 square feet (ft2) of vernal pool surface area has been restored or enhanced, including 3,929 ft2 of restored vernal pools. All areas that have been restored and enhanced as part of this mitigation effort are becoming established and are progressing toward the Year 5 final success criteria standards.

Number of pages: 40

Authors: RECON Environmental Inc.; Olson, Meagan;

Day: 3

Month: June

Year: 2009

Notes: Also included are the Qualitative Monitoring Report-Sweetwater Authority Fishing Program Restoration-from McMillan Biological Consulting and the Sweetwater Reservoir Burrowing Owl Recovery Update.

Prepared for: Sweetwater Authority;

Prepared by: RECON Environmental Inc.;

Keywords: Habitat Enhancement; habitat restoration; mitigation; Otay Tarplant; restoration; Sweetwater; vernal pools;

Species: Otay tarplant