Simon Preserve Resource Management Plan

Type: report

Number of pages: 92

Day: 30

Month: June

Year: 2010

Purpose: This Resource Management Plan (RMP) has been prepared as a guidance document to manage and preserve the biological and cultural resources within the Preserve, and to provide Area-Specific Management Directives (ASMDs) pursuant to the requirements of the Draft North County MSCP Plan (North County MSCP Plan) and Draft Framework Resource Management Plan (Framework RMP) (County 2009). More specifically, this RMP will: a) guide the management of vegetation communities/habitats, plant and animal species, cultural resources, and programs described herein to protect and, where appropriate, enhance biological and cultural values; b) serve as a guide for appropriate public uses of the property; c) provide a descriptive inventory of the vegetation communities/habitats, plant and animal species, and the archaeological and/or historical resources that occur on this property; d) establish the baseline conditions from which adaptive management will be determined and success will be measured; and e) provide an overview of the operation and maintenance requirements to implement management goals. Chapter 5 of this RMP includes ASMDs for Simon Preserve. It is recognized that the County owned land is only a small portion of the MSCP preserve system. The County does ensure management of other lands that are dedicated as a conservation easement for discretionary project mitigation, through requiring land developers to prepare Resource Management Plans. The County will spearhead a larger coordinated effort to ensure that other conserved lands in the area that make up the MSCP preserve are also being monitored and managed consistent with this RMP and the overall goals of the MSCP Plan and the North County MSCP Plan once it is finalized.

Prepared by: County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation;

Keywords: adaptive management; MSCP;

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