San Diego Management & Monitoring Program





2007 County of San Diego MSCP Monitoring Summary Report January 1998 - June 2007 report

The County is obligated to monitor habitat preservation and destruction (i.e., gains and losses), habitat quality, and certain covered species. Only the latter two elements are discussed in this report. This report focuses on data collected by County staff, its consultants, or volunteers. This includes efforts funded by Local Assistance Grants that were funded by the California Department of Fish and Game and coordinated by the County. In some instances, other agencies or individuals have surveyed lands for which the County has a responsibility to monitor; these data are reported here to the extent they are known. For the most part, information is presented that pertains to lands that the County is required to monitor under the MSCP, but there are cases where the County has performed surveys on lands managed by other participants, which are reported here as well.