San Diego Management & Monitoring Program





2008 Appendix A: Baseline Biological Resources Evaluation El Monte County Park report

ICF Jones & Stokes conducted a baseline biodiversity study of the County of San Diego?s El Monte County Park (Park) to provide the Department of Parks and Recreation with biological data to develop a Resource Management Plan (RMP) including Area Specific Management Directives (ASMDs). To provide a baseline evaluation of biological resources, the following studies were conducted by ICF Jones & Stokes: (1) vegetation community mapping; (2) rare plant surveys; (3) pitfall trap arrays to sample amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals; (4) avian point counts; (5) nocturnal bird surveys; (6) small mammal trapping; (7) acoustic sampling and roost surveys for bats; (8) a track and sign survey for medium-to-large mammals; and (9) a camera station survey for medium-to-large mammals. This report summarizes all survey methodologies and data collected during the 2008 survey period (February through September). This report also includes recommendations for adaptive management, including management and monitoring of vegetation communities and sensitive plants and habitats, control of invasive non-native plants, and management and monitoring of sensitive wildlife species, including species covered by the South County Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) Subarea Plan.