Job Opportunity - Land Steward (Rivers and Lands Conservancy)

Job Responsibilities:

• Monitor RLC properties on a regular cycle to inspect for conditions contrary to the conservation values (trash, trespass, vandalism), infrastructure integrity (roads, fences, signs), disturbance to native species and habitats, and presence of non-native species. Maintain detailed documentation of activities and site conditions.

• Work with the Stewardship Group to steward the properties, including: performing or contracting maintenance/repair of infrastructure (fencing, signage, roads, trails, trash, etc.), communicating with land owners/partners to rectify prohibited uses, implement management plans. Maintain accurate documentation for projects.

• Plan habitat restoration for specific properties and implement/oversee implementation of restoration plans (i.e. hand weeding, herbicide treatment, preparing/ordering plant materials, prepping site, executing planting, irrigation, etc).

• Assist with writing and implementing land management plans including GIS management and mapping.

• Lead community outreach and education activities including hikes, educational programs, planting, and cleanup days.

• Assist with grant writing and grant deliverable implementation.

• Represent RLC in a professional manner during interactions with property owners, volunteers, regulatory agencies, the public, and other parties.

• Collaborate closely with other RLC staff and partners to advance organizational priorities.

• Maintain files and documentation per RLC records management policy.

• Schedule and use the company truck (4-wheel drive), trailer, and necessary tools to perform conservation site visits or other stewardship tasks.

Event Dates

Starts: July 05, 2023 0:00am

Ends: August 02, 2023 0:00am