Job Opportunity - Senior Ecologist/Project Manager (AECOM)

AECOM is actively seeking a highly talented Senior Ecologist/Project Manager for immediate employment with the Natural Resources Group of our San Diego office. This position would focus on wildfire ecology and manage and support various natural resource projects in the southern California region.

The primary role of the Senior Ecologist/Project Manager will be managing and supporting projects of various sizes, working directly with clients and diverse project teams, assisting clients to achieve successful project results and regulatory approval. Responsibilities will include setting timelines and expectations for project teams, maintaining quality of project deliverables, maintaining positive client relationships, developing project-specific safety programs, assisting with business development, and preparing scope/cost proposals for new projects. For some projects, this role will require direct oversight of field operations, scheduling field teams, implementing a robust field safety program, and collaborating with a large and diverse field team.

Additional duties may include contributing to various plans and reports, assisting with restoration/mitigation projects, supporting botanical and wildlife species surveys, expanding the use of UAS and satellite imagery into landscape ecology applications, managing personnel, and/or assisting with various natural resources related projects and tasks.

The ideal candidate will have a broad expertise in the ecology of Southern California, including but not limited to natural resource management, wildfire ecology, ecological restoration, conservation planning, and environmental policy. Projects will often require multi-disciplinary teams with biologists, restoration ecologists, cultural resource specialists, environmental planners, data analysts, and field technicians. The position will require a balance of field work and office work and the ability to schedule and coordinate large field teams. Good communication and leadership skills are required. This position works with a variety of clients and requires occasional travel.

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Event Dates

Starts: April 25, 2023 0:00am

Ends: May 25, 2023 0:00am