Grant Opportunity - IIJA Bureau of Land Management California Threatened and Endangered Species Program

The BLM California Threatened and Endangered Species Program works to conserve and recover federally-listed and Bureau sensitive animal and plant species and their habitat on public lands. The program also shares cooperative responsibility with other BLM programs and partners for conservation of more than 2,700 non-listed BLM sensitive species with a goal of avoiding the need to list them in the future. The BLM manages habitat for over 430 wildlife, fish, and plant species listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and at least 11 species identified as candidates for listing. In many cases, BLM managed public lands offer the best hope for recovery of sensitive or listed plant and animal species and many occur only on BLM managed lands. Improvement of biological communities of sensitive species may prevent federal listing under the ESA and supports the public interest by protecting federally-listed species. The BLM California Threatened and Endangered Species Program priorities in FY 2023 are addressing the impact of the climate crisis and ecosystem approaches for managing multiple listed and sensitive species, pollinator conservation and management, ensuring habitat connectivity, and updating outreach/education materials, including the Program’s public facing website. The State office is looking for projects that are state or regional in scope or projects that provide a programmatic approach for improving the Bureau effectiveness or efficiency. The California program is looking for projects that will result in or facilitate national implementation or outreach of tangible on the ground actions that will improve species populations (numbers, representation, or resilience) or reduce population level threats.

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