Grant Opportunity - 2023 Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (CDFW)

Pre-applications due February 9th.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is pleased to announce funding opportunities under the 2023 Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) Proposal Solicitation Notice (Solicitation) for projects to enhance or protect salmon and steelhead habitat. Projects will use natural processes and materials in their implementation and should also contribute to objectives of the California Water Resilience Portfolio, State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP), and fulfillment of CDFW’s mission. All qualified, eligible entities are encouraged to submit proposal 1.

The Fisheries Restoration Grant Program Grant Guidelines (FRGP Guidelines) provide detailed information on the processes, procedures, criteria, and basic requirements for administering FRGP. However, the information in this Solicitation supersedes any discrepancies among the two documents.

The FRGP incorporates several ongoing efforts to implement efficiencies to support restoration through granting and permitting. Following a pilot initiative, CDFW has made permanent its Cutting the Green Tape program, with staff to support granting and permitting improvement efforts. The Cutting the Green Tape program is also administering the Statutory Exemption for Restoration Projects (SERP) process authorized under Senate Bill 155. The SERP process provides additional opportunity for restoration projects seeking approval, including those funded through grant programs like FRGP.

Event Dates

Starts: January 17, 2023 0:00am

Ends: February 09, 2023 0:00am