National Culvert Removal, Replacement, and Restoration Grant Program (US Dept. of Transportation)

The program provides competitive grants for the replacement, removal, and repair of culverts or weirs that: (1) would meaningfully improve or restore fish passage for anadromous fish; and (2) with respect to weirs, may include (A) infrastructure to facilitate anadromous fish passage around or over the weir; and (B) weir improvements (49 U.S.C. § 6703(b)). The Culvert AOP Program seeks applications from States and a diverse array of local units of government and Indian Tribes regardless of size, location, and experience administering Federal funding awards who are seeking projects to improve or restore fish passage for anadromous fish.

The total amount of funding available in this NOFO for FY 2022 is up to $196 million. The FY 2022 funding will be implemented in alignment with the priorities in Executive Order (EO) 14052, Implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (86 FR 64355).

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Ends: February 06, 2023 0:00am

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