Job Opportunity - Hydrologist (USFWS)

As a Hydrologist your duties will include:

  • Serves as a project leader or senior project member for complete hydrologic investigations by planning, conducting, and reporting on interpretive studies. Modifies established hydrologic techniques or procedures.

  • Assignments involve planning, executing, and reporting on original hydrologic studies or ongoing studies requiring a fresh approach to resolve new problems.

  • Develops approaches, standards, methods, guides, and procedures for conducting the interpretive study. Plans, performs, coordinates and directs comprehensive hydrologic studies of hydrologic systems in accordance with and applicable authorizations, policy, and regulatory requirements.

  • Develops, utilizes, and maintains comprehensive models to conduct and simulate hydrologic analysis and inform operations.

  • Develops, modifies, and utilizes relational databases and related applications to maintain hydrologic data for conducting operational support and planning analyses.

  • Works on complex or controversial water issues whose solutions require a proven understanding of hydrology and one or more related disciplines such as hydraulics, geology, ecology, geochemistry, and the complexities of ground or surface water flow.

  • Conducts planning, review, and evaluation of multi-basin, multi-aquifer investigations which includes predictive water quantity and quality numerical modeling and adherence to all management-based water resource policies.

  • Serves as subject matter expert for the supported state/region/supported organizations.

  • Provides current information on policy, resource management, State or local water regulations, and technical requirements.

  • Works with Federal, State, local and/or tribal land managers to ensure water resources management practices are consistent with Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Federal Land Management Policy Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act, state laws, and various regional, State, Federal, and local policies and procedural guidance and with Interior Board of Land Appeal decisions.

  • Develops and identifies landscape-level projects to restore watersheds, improve water quality, protect federal water rights, and protect Wild & Scenic Rivers.

  • Prepares investigative project proposals and develops work plans and protocols which include consideration of previous experimental and theoretical analyses, evaluation of all available data from various sources, and the development and adaptation of procedures and methods of investigation.

  • Performs analyses and evaluations and formulates scientific findings.

  • Oversees, plans and/or performs a wide range of data collection assignments. Conduct of these investigations requires application of a high degree of experienced professional judgment as well as adv

Event Dates

Starts: September 02, 2022 0:00am

Ends: September 16, 2022 0:00am