Grant Opportunity - Community Wetland Restoration Grant Program (Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project)

The Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project’s (WRP) Community Wetland Restoration Grant Program (CWRGP) provides funding for community-based restoration projects in coastal wetlands and along coastal stream corridors in the Southern California region. See the Grant Program flyer for an overview of the CWRGP.

This program supports achieving Goals 1-3 of the WRP Regional Strategy 2018, by restoring coastal wetlands, streams, adjacent habitats, and other non-tidal wetlands. The program has a specific emphasis on Objective 1 of Goal 3: Support Community-Based Restoration Projects. The goals of the program are to build local capacity to plan and implement wetland restoration projects; promote community involvement in wetland restoration activities; and foster education about wetland ecosystems. Projects funded through the program must include educational and community involvement elements as strong components of the project.,deadline%20will%20be%20in%202022.

Event Dates

Starts: March 16, 2022 0:00am

Ends: May 16, 2022 0:00am