Opening the Outdoors 2022 Grant Program (The San Diego Foundation)

The San Diego Foundation Opening the Outdoors program creates safe, accessible outdoor space for all San Diegans. The Foundation works together with local nonprofit partners to increase community-driven efforts to enhance accessible outdoor space, encourage youth to learn more through hands-on education and create the next generation of environmental stewards in the San Diego region.

These efforts contribute to building resilient communities, a pillar of The Foundation Strategic Plan, by addressing equity barriers and creating more inclusive and accessible outdoor experiences for all.

This year, the Opening the Outdoors grant cycle embraces our collective vision inspired by the Thrive Outside San Diego community and will invest in programs aligned with these impact areas: Outdoors for All, Outdoors for Health, and Outdoors Forever.

The Foundation anticipates granting $400,000 in funding support. Grants are expected to range from $25,000 to $50,000. Project partnerships and collaborations between nonprofits are strongly encouraged.

Event Dates

Starts: March 14, 2022 0:00am

Ends: April 18, 2022 0:00am