Job Opportunity - Senior Regulatory and Restoration Biologist (OC Public Works, OC Waste and Recycling)

OC Public Works and OCWR are looking for senior-level regulatory and restoration biologists to support their respective habitat management and restoration programs.

The Senior Regulatory and Restoration Biologist for OC Public Works will provide biological and habitat restoration expertise in support of capital and maintenance improvement projects; advise on impact avoidance and minimization measures to sensitive plant and wildlife communities; and provide oversight of the mitigation and enhancement elements of the Santa Ana River Mainstem Flood Control Project in cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino Flood Control Districts. The latter effort will include advising on the work plan associated with the Santa Ana Woolly Star Preserve Area Multi Species Habitat Management Plan.

The Senior Regulatory and Restoration Biologist for OCWR will be a part of the CEQA and Habitat Compliance Group and will provide biological compliance and habitat restoration expertise for OCWR Landfills in support of landfill development and operations. The position will assist with permitting and regulatory coordination for new and ongoing mitigation projects associated with landfill development; provide oversight of installation, maintenance, management, and monitoring of new and existing habitat mitigation sites; prepare routine reports documenting habitat mitigation areas status as required by regulatory permits; review construction and operational plans and documents and advise on impact avoidance and minimization measures for adherence to all applicable biological permit conditions; train OCWR landfill staff in identifying and appropriate avoidance of native habitats and species in compliance with applicable laws and regulations or permits; evaluate seed and plant materials from vendors for use in mitigation areas; review documents and specifications prepared by contractors, consultants and vendors for compliance with BMPs; closely monitor every phase of construction at the landfill where assigned for compliance with biological permits and plans; create maps, exhibits, reports and presentations to inform decision makers, state and federal resource agency staff, including use of GIS or other aerial mapping software. This position may also assist with public outreach and assist with site tours.

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Event Dates

Starts: September 07, 2021 0:00am

Ends: September 15, 2021 0:00am