Job Opportunity - Habitat Restoration Intern (AECOM)

The responsibilities of this position include supporting technical work in AECOM’s restoration facility near Campo, CA in eastern San Diego County and at project-specific work site locations throughout southern California. Duties may include:

  • Working closely with a designated restoration ecologist and other biologists.

  • Working effectively independently when required.

  • Willingness and desire to learn restoration ecology concepts.

  • Including seed collecting, seed bulking, seed processing, preparation of seed mixes for implementation, native plant propagation, invasive species removal, general botanical surveys, rare plant inventory, monitoring field projects, and restoration projects.

  • Develop a strong understanding of established best management practices.

  • Including but not limited to erosion control principles and techniques and post-wildfire restoration practices.

  • Ability to work closely with restoration crews in the field.

  • Ability to follow and perform directions safely and efficiently.

  • Including ability to monitor and convey directions to a field crew.

  • Ability to work with a team to solve problems on the fly when they occur in the field.

  • Have the confidence to ask for help when they do not know how to resolve the problem.

  • Participate in extensive field work during all types of weather including 100+ degree days (appropriate safety procedures, including designated breaks, will be implemented).

  • Ability to respectfully work with and contribute to a team of diverse individuals from a variety of social and economic backgrounds.

  • Ability to present oneself in a professional manner when interacting with members of the public or clients.

  • Collaboration with his/her supervisor on objectives established at the start of the internship to provide clear direction and goals.

  • Accompanying permitted or qualified biologists on field surveys for wildlife and botanical species. Conducting biological survey fieldwork as part of a team in coastal, inland, and desert environments, which can include rugged terrain.

  • Collect, enter, and/or QA data, and apply technical principles and theories, with training and oversight from a restoration ecologist. Utilize electronic data collection methods.

  • Interpret and record data, conduct analyses, compare findings to relevant studies and local, state and federal regulations to ensure compliance.

  • Sharing of Native American Tribal values specific to interaction with and use of local natural resources.

  • Collaborate with the Native America community and participate in tribal relations.

  • Intern will be included in organization events such as staff meetings and brown bag workshops, and be given opportunities for networking a

Event Dates

Starts: August 31, 2021 0:00am

Ends: October 31, 2021 0:00am