Job Opportunity - Restoration Ecologist (The Nature Collective)

In collaboration with the Ecology Director, Property owners and managers; play a key role in restoring ecosystems, habitats, and diversity while assisting in implementing, monitoring, and maintaining habitat restoration projects throughout San Diego County.


• Assist in the design and planning of restoration projects.

• Conduct habitat and vegetation monitoring.

• Supervise the implementation and maintenance of restoration efforts, including site preparation, planting, and irrigation.

• Perform hand weeding, pesticide application, seeding, hydro-seeding, planting, and propagation.

• Assist in selecting seed and plant palettes appropriate to each site based on soil properties, existing plant communities, and hydrological conditions.

• Manage weeds, herbicide selection, application, and supervision.

• Conduct plant propagation and seed collection, as well as building and maintaining field nurseries.

See attached job posting for more information.

Event Dates

Starts: August 18, 2021 0:00am

Ends: September 06, 2021 0:00am