San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Job Opportunity - Stewardship Manager (Center for Natural Lands Management)

July 27, 2020 0:00am to August 07, 2020 0:00am

The Stewardship Manager is a new CNLM position and represents an exciting expansion in capacity to provide support for managing CNLM’s preserve portfolio in California, Washington, and Oregon. He/she/they will additionally participate in acquisition of new preserves, conduct various tasks essential to CNLM’s stewardship function, and provide support to the Director of Conservation Science and Stewardship (DCSS). Informed preparation, attentive execution, and rigorous documentation of stewardship plans are the core of CNLM’s conservation mission: the Stewardship Manager will provide a key role in supporting these activities and contributing to the standards. Central to this position is working closely with the DCSS to ensure that the legacy of stewardship planning, implementation, and documentation serves as the foundation for future such activities and that stewardship and conservation science are appropriately dovetailed.

Please see the attached job description.