Job Opportunity - Banking Coordinator/ Senior Environmental Scientist (CDFW)

Under general direction of the Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory) within the Region’s Habitat Conservation Program, this position functions as the Region’s Mitigation/Conservation Banking Program (Banking Program) coordinator. Performance of specified activities will require an in-depth understanding of Department policies, applicable environmental laws, and ecological principles, and strong coordination with the Region’s Lands, NCCP, and CEQA/CESA programs. Work in this position is characterized by highly independent development and direction of analytical procedures for impacts assessment and mitigation development. Public contacts made in the course of this work are sensitive and involve a wide variety of constituents and special interest groups. A high degree of personal initiative is expected.

Specific duties include: Participation in the Department’s Bank Working Group; Participation as a Department representative on the Interagency Review Team and on Conservation Bank Review Team; Tracking fees associated with the Banking Program; Tracking bank status and compliance; and review of documents listed in Fish and Game Code (FGC) 1798 (bank prospectus, bank enabling instruments, conservation easements) and associated habitat restoration and management documents.

For more information, including the Duty Statement, please visit the website.

Event Dates

Starts: November 27, 2019 0:00am

Ends: December 04, 2019 0:00am