Job Opportunity- Botanist (US Forest Service, Cleveland National Forest)

The incumbent has responsibility for providing professional, scientific assistance to the staff pertaining to a variety of botanical and sensitive plant species duties in support of Forest activities.


  • Utilize knowledge of the basic botanical methods, techniques, and procedures necessary to identify vegetation communities and conduct vegetation inventories.

  • Assist or train other assigned field personnel to recognize, identify, and locate plant species of concern. Identify plants encountered during surveys.

  • Develop and implement management plans and partnerships for the control of invasive plant species and establishment of native vegetation

  • Manage invasive species and native plant community restoration projects, including evaluating, developing, implementing, and monitoring projects.

  • Participate on interdisciplinary teams to provide the documentation and coordination necessary for the effective management of threatened, endangered and sensitive plant species

  • Prepare informational responses to internal directives or agency, public group, and individual inquiries.

  • Provide analytical data and information necessary to complete consultation with project partners

  • Communicate with partners on current or proposed management activities that affect plant species and related resource activities.

  • Document and maintain invasive and native plant surveys, inventories, and monitoring records in appropriate data base and GIS files.

  • Develop and modify established procedures for recording plant survey information in order to meet environmental assessment requirements

  • Perform field survey work which includes conducting inventories of invasive vegetation and native plant populations and communities in compliance with selected protocols to contribute to the baseline data for invasive plant and botanical resources

  • Assist personnel or contract personnel in conducting botanical research and studies.

  • Prepare and administer contracts and agreements for the treatment of invasive plants and/or restoration of native plant communities.

  • Assist in preparing assessments and management plans for the protection and enhancement of habitat for special status plants.

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Event Dates

Starts: September 23, 2019 0:00am

Ends: September 30, 2019 0:00am