Prop 1 Watershed Restoration & Delta Water Quality and Ecosystem Restoration Grant (CDFW)

Proposition 1, which was passed by California voters in November 2014, amended the CWC to add among other articles, sections 79737 and 79738, authorizing the Legislature to appropriate up to $285,000,000 and $87,500,000 to CDFW for watershed restoration projects statewide; and water quality, ecosystem restoration, and fish protection facilities that benefit the Delta; respectively.

Proposition 1 provides funding to implement the three broad objectives of the California Water Action Plan: more reliable water supplies; the restoration of important species and habitat; and a more resilient, sustainably managed water resources system (water supply, water quality, flood protection, and environment) that can better withstand inevitable and unforeseen pressures in the coming decades. Funds granted by CDFW will primarily focus on addressing the objective of restoring important species and habitat; however, cobenefits of such actions may contribute towards attaining other California Water Action Plan objectives.

Please see the attached project solicitation and evaluation guidelines for more information.

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