Job Opportunity- Environmental Planner (SANDAG)

The Department of Land Use and Transportation Planning (LUTP) coordinates the development of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan (Plan), a framework that connects land use to transportation systems, responds to population growth, preserves the environment, and sustains economic prosperity. The Plan is a long-range blueprint for a sustainable future for the San Diego region that includes new investments in the transportation system, conservation of more open space areas to preserve natural habitat, reliance on renewable energy, and planning for and adapting to climate change in the region.

The Environmental Planning team provides expertise by leading the environmental review, permitting, and regulatory compliance activities for the SANDAG Capital Improvement Program, as well as conducting the environmental review for planning programs. Preparation of the 2019 Regional Plan is currently underway, and the Plan along with the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) are scheduled for final consideration by the SANDAG Board of Directors in Spring 2020.

Two Environmental Planning positions are available. One position will support the environmental review, monitoring, and reporting functions related to capital project implementation. The second position will support the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan.

These are Limited-Term positions. One position, in support of capital project implementation, is expected to be funded through June 30, 2022. The second position, in support of preparation of the EIR for the 2019 Regional Plan, is expected to be funded through June 30, 2021. Limited-Term Employees are considered to be “at-will” and receive many of the benefits of Regular employees.

Event Dates

Starts: October 22, 2018 0:00am

Ends: November 09, 2018 0:00am