San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Camera Workshop

October 30, 2018 9:00am to October 30, 2018 16:00pm

Location: San Diego Natural History Museum ( Google Maps)

The U.S. Geological Survey, in coordination with the San Diego Management and Monitoring Program, will be hosting a workshop on the use and design of wildlife camera studies in San Diego and the adjoining region. Intended topics include wildlife cameras used for connectivity surveys, targeted species documentation, diversity surveys, and invasive species monitoring. Following presentations, there will be a group discussion on the direction of wildlife camera research and the potential for coordinated efforts and data management. After presenters have been finalized, an agenda will be made available.

We are aiming for 15 15-minute presentations within the following themes:

Connectivity – wildlife movement through potential barriers or choke points

Targeted Species – research looking for particular species but where other species may be observed

Human Impacts – recreation impacts to wildlife activity

Invasive Species – wild pig, bullfrog, beaver

Biodiversity Monitoring – general camera trap surveys to document the species within the general area

Vegetation – habitat recovery, phenology

Non-Traditional – hydrology/hydrological changes in a stream, weather patterns

If you think that you would like to attend, please email Carlton Rochester ( to RSVP.