Job Opportunity - Invasive Plant Program-Habitat Restoration (Camp Pendleton)

Natural Resources Specialist in the Marine Corps Base, Assistant Chief of Staff, Environmental Security of Marien Crops Base Camp Pendleton.

  • You will make recommendations on natural resources (i.e. range, soil, fire, plant, wetlands, and vegetation management) to modify or mitigate proposed actions to eliminate or minimize impacts to natural resources.

  • You will review proposed organizations actions for potential impacts to sensitive plant and their habitats, sensitive habits and ecosystems, and other sensitive natural resources.

  • You will plan, develop, and implement natural resources/land management studies, rare plant surveys, vegetation classification, invasive plant management, vegetation mapping, and habitat restoration projects.

  • You will develop and implement multiple habitat restoration projects, develop and implement the invasive plant program including Early Detection and Rapid Response, and develop statistically sound vegetation monitoring projects.

Please visit the website for the full job description.

Event Dates

Starts: September 21, 2018 0:00am

Ends: October 01, 2018 0:00am