San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

ASWM-NRCS Wetland Training Webinar 2: Wetlands in a Watershed at the Landscape Scale

August 15, 2018 12:00pm to August 15, 2018 14:00pm

Location: ( Google Maps)

This second webinar in ASWM and NRCS’s jointly-developed nine-part wetland training webinar series begins with an overview of where wetlands can occur in landscapes. Next, the webinar will explore the three key considerations with wetlands – hydrology, geology (soils), and vegetation. The presenters will cover the importance of hydrology for wetlands, including temporal changes and the importance of time scale, the soil-water relationship and parent/source materials when looking at hydric soils, as well as kinds of wetland plants and what plant patterns tell you about how water runs off the land and the wetland itself. This webinar will also cover influences from specific living resources, how different land uses affect wetlands (with a focus on agricultural land use), and how wetlands are a reflection of their surrounding landscape and watershed. The webinar will conclude with discussion on how wetlands change over time and tools that can be used to understand these changes. Participants will come away from the webinar with an increased understanding of patterns on the landscape, how to identify wetlands at the watershed and field level and prepare to look at individual wetland sites.

Speakers include: - Kendra Moseley - Lenore Vasilas - Stacey Clark

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