Job Opportunity - Ecologist, Wildland Fire and Erosion Management (MCB, Camp Pendleton)

GS-0408-9/11 ($56,084 - $88,215)

MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA


The incumbent will:

Manage multiple complex contracted wildland fire data rich projects such as RAWS station management, Fire Danger Rating Calculations, fuels mapping, wildfire mapping, and fuel moisture monitoring. Conduct and analyze wildfire risk assessments on military range projects, track wildfire ignitions and create maps and analyze data for Command briefs, update or create new prescribed burn plans, act as Resource Advisor on wildfires, lead internal BAER (Burned Area Emergency Response) teams, conduct post wildfire habitat restoration.

The incumbent will also manage the Erosion Control Program by determining, developing and implementing through contracts gully and bluff stabilization projects, determine post wildfire debris flow at risk areas and develop and implement through contracts emergency containment procedures.

Multiple budgets, schedules and progress will need to be thoroughly tracked. The incumbent will work with other specialists, including the Camp Pendleton Fire Department to assure NEPA is obtained for project implementation.

Incumbent must have current Red Card and can obtain the International Wildland Fire certification in the first year of employment.

The position will be advertised on USAJOBS during the Fall of 2018.

Prior to advertisement send resume to: deborah.bieber@

Questions? Please call Deborah Bieber @ (760) 725-9728

Event Dates

Starts: April 25, 2018 0:00am

Ends: August 01, 2018 0:00am