San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Job Opportunity - Natural Resource Specialist (MCB, Camp Pendleton)

April 25, 2018 0:00am to June 01, 2018 0:00am

GS-0401-11 ($67,856- $88,215)

MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA


The incumbent will:

Manage multiple complex contracted habitat restoration projects in coastal sage scrub, riparian and grasslands. This includes field visits to check success criteria progress and to resolve issues.

Manage the Invasive Plant Program, including Early Detection Rapid Response, Artichoke thistle, Arundo-tamarisk basewide projects. This includes field visits to evaluate treatment methods, find new populations, and to resolve issues.

Multiple budgets, schedules and progress will need to be thoroughly tracked. The incumbent will work with other specialists to assure NEPA is obtained for project implementation.

Incumbent must have excellent plant taxonomy, organizational, verbal communication skills, can manage GIS geodatabases, assure data is accurate, and map and chart making.

The position will be advertised on USAJOBS during summer of 2018.

Prior to advertisement send resume to: deborah.bieber@

Questions? Please call Deborah Bieber @ (760) 725-9728