Whale Tail Grants (California Coastal Commission)

The WHALE TAIL® grants support programs that teach California's children and the general public to value and take action to improve the health of the state's marine and coastal resources. Adopt-A-Beach® programs, as well as other beach maintenance and coastal habitat restoration projects that have an educational component, are also eligible for these grants. This grants program focuses on reaching communities that are currently poorly served in terms of marine and coastal education.

The WHALE TAIL® Grants Program funds projects that fall into any one of the following three categories:

1) Adopt-A-Beach® programs

2) Youth programs

3) Programs for the general public

In addition, applicants may request funding under a subcategory for projects addressing climate change and/or ocean acidification.

Please visit the website for the full grant description, including application instructions.

Event Dates

Starts: October 03, 2017 0:00am

Ends: November 06, 2017 0:00am