Job Opportunity- Environmental Biologist I (City of San Diego)

Environmental Biologist I positions are responsible for assisting environmental staff with basic biological evaluations; review construction drawings, grading plans, project specifications and biological mitigation measures identified in environmental documents and approved project/permit conditions under supervision from senior staff; implement biological mitigation measures during and after project construction; perform natural resources surveys in the field (e.g. habitat, plants, animals); manage and analyze scientific data; create data summary reports; interpret City regulations relating to biological resources, such as the Land Development Code Biology Guidelines, the Multiple Species Conservation Program and the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Regulations under supervision from senior staff; develop and participate in basic biological resource training sessions for staff; prepare reports and correspondence; perform native plant propagation; supervise bird air strike hazard programs; and perform other duties as assigned.

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Event Dates

Starts: September 22, 2017 0:00am

Ends: October 02, 2017 17:00pm