San Diego Management & Monitoring Program

Free Pesticide Container Recycling

June 10, 2017 8:00am to June 10, 2017 14:00pm

Location: EDCO Recycling 1371 Grand Avenue San Marcos, CA 92078 ( Google Maps)

Who can participate?

  • Growers
  • Agricultural Pest Control Businesses
  • Structural Pest Control Businesses
  • Public Agencies
  • Golf Courses
  • Cemeteries

What kind of containers are accepted?

  • HDPE embossed with the plastic resin code #2.
  • Containers which held EPA registered products.
  • Containers up to 55 gallons. Anything over 15 gallons must be cut into quarters before bringing to the event.

How must the containers be prepared?

  • Containers must be free of all residue. Staining is acceptable. Caked-on residue is not.
  • Containers must be empty and triple-rinsed.
  • Containers must be punctured.
  • Containers must be dry.
  • Caps and label booklets must be removed.

What is not accepted?

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Containers that held fertilizers, veterinary, swimming pool, consumer, or home & garden protection products.
  • NON-HDPE parts such as caps, metal handles, labels, and rubber linings.
  • Any container that once held motor oil, fuel, or antifreeze.

See attached flyer for more information.