Job Opportunity- Conservation Land Manager

The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) is seeking a Conservation Land Manager to facilitate management of TECC-owned properties in the Escondido Creek watershed. TECC currently manages 1,800 acres of habitat-rich property and is in the process of preserving an additional 1,000 acres of important habitat lands which will need management in the future. This position requires both field work and administrative responsibilities. Strong writing, organization, GIS and communication skills required.

Duties: The Conservation Land Manager will help refine and implement TECC’s land management protocols and be responsible for annual biological reporting including writing of reports and/or overseeing the contracting for reports, plus all filing and documentation. Duties include working with TECC’s education manager to develop programs to train, provide and manage volunteer stewards on TECC-owned lands. The Conservation Land Manager will be responsible for writing grants to help fund land stewardship activities. They will also organize and implement regular land stewardship events on TECC-owned lands. The Conservation Land Manager’s responsibilities also include hands-on activities such as fixing fences and trimming trees, and/or overseeing or contracting the work when done by others. The Conservation Land Manager will also work closely with other conservation partners in the watershed and with government agencies that oversee wildlife management. The Conservation Land Manager’s job involves extensive interaction with the public.

Salary: $35,000- $45,000

Event Dates

Starts: December 08, 2016 0:00am

Ends: January 31, 2017 0:00am