Job Opportunity- GIS Analyst

As a Cartographer at the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office (FWO), located in Carlsbad, California, you will perform increasingly responsible work and be a part of a collaborative team engaged in the development of regional Habitat Conservation Plans, Natural Community Conservation Plans (HCPs/NCCPs), species listing and recovery plans, habitat modeling, environmental contaminants, and cartographic production to support office staff. For more information about this office, visit

  • Assists in development, implementation and maintenance of a GIS for Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office (FWO) using computer hardware, software, and peripherals to acquire, collect, compile, transform, apply, analyze, and present cadstral, biological, natural resource, and other geographic data using GIS, GPS, and remote sensing.

  • Assists in developing GIS information resource management procedures that ensure the integrity, availability and quality of the Service's GIS information resources.

  • Assists in managing GIS data. This includes assisting in updating and managing Carlsbad FWO GIS datasets, updating metadata and performing quality assurance.

  • Assists in delivering Carlsbad FWO data to the Service and to the public. This includes preparing GIS data archives for delivery on the internet and creating GIS data packages.

  • Documents the sources and procedures used in data collection, compilation, transformation, application, analysis, and presentation.

  • Coordinates with staff biologists in a team setting to inform and support decisions made at the Carlsbad FWO.

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Event Dates

Starts: December 07, 2016 0:00am

Ends: December 13, 2016 0:00am